Popularity of Poker Game

In recent times, the online poker has gained huge popularity among the players. About 20,000 members are now playing the Party Poker online poker game all over the world, however this figure was just 2000, 6 months ago. Other online poker games have also showed their growth during this period. Along with this the starting up of many companies are observed in the last 6 months.

Role of online gambling in increasing popularity of online poker

The popularity of the online poker is mainly due to the growth of the online gambling or online casinos all over the world. The increases in the use of internet and online facility, as well as the growing confidence of the consumer towards online financial transactions result in large involvement of the people towards the online or internet gambling. Thus the growth of the online casinos leads to a significant growth of the online poker all over the world.

Popularity of Poker Game

Bricks and Mortar (B & M) poker responsible for growth of online poker

The bricks and mortar poker card game is also responsible for the growth of the online poker all over the world. The game of poker is particularly popular in the US and Europe, but now it has become popular in almost every country of the world. No doubt the game has now become popular on the internet because more and more people are gaining access to the internet everyday.

Perception of the people responsible for growing popularity of online poker

One more factor that is responsible for the growing popularity of the online poker games is that they are perceived as games of skill. Many of the poker players have the perception that they can win these games very easily with less effort. As the accessing of the people for the game on the internet increases, this perception also increases, leading to the popularity of online poker game.

New countries playing the poker game

The interesting point to think about the online poker game is that whether this popularity and growth in the online poker can be maintained over the years. As an increased growth level is likely to be observed in the upcoming 10 years and further prediction in this is very difficult.
The game of online poker is popular in most of the countries of Asia, South America and Africa. This is also not far that countries like India and China will also start playing the online poker games in large numbers.

Obstacles in the way of growth of online casino

The factor, which is limiting the growth of online poker, is the gambling laws and the regulations. The rules and regulations, which are making the progress of the online gambling difficult are:-
The first reason for this is the refusal of biggest credit processing companies such as Pay Pal, who refused to processed transactions related to gambling in US by applying some strict laws on them.

The Visa and the Master Card are also under the same pressure as the case of Pay Pal under these laws.
Another reason is that the countries like Australia, has given restriction on the advertisement of some of the gambling sites as well as restricted the starting of new sites over the internet.

One more hurdle is providing of online gambling service to Australia for an overseas company is considered as illegal in there country.

Also a huge amount of profit obtained from the online gambling will transferred to the overseas companies and are thus not made taxable to the domestic countries and so many players of the domestic country does not prefer to play online gambling or casino game.


However although there are some hurdles in the path of progress of the online poker, but still the popularity of online poker is increasing day by day and will continue to increase for many years.