Online Gambling Resolves Stress

Stress has become a part of our day-to-day life, every individual undergo some or other type of stress. Thus, we can say that stress has become an inevitable part of our life. If you are stressed out regarding your career or some problem in your life, then here is good news for all.

Recent studies says that online gambling is the best and the most effective way to resolve stress or overcome anxiety. Various reputable universities have conducted research studies on this and have proved that online gambling or internet gambling is an excellent way to tackle with stress and overcome it.

In this article, we have discussed about the three interesting studies done on online gambling by three most highly regarded universities like from Oxford University, McGill University and Eastern Carolina University.

Oxford University Study

Well known Oxford University of England have conducted research study on a huge crowd of people to find out their reaction towards online gambling. They offered gamblers 20-minute free play at online casinos, to observe their behavioral issues associated with online gambling. In all 4125 individuals were indulges in the survey, and most of them spotted that gamblers forget about their tension and stress and enjoy betting on the internet.

Finally, Oxford University came up with the result that all those people who were suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome are highly benefited by this as they were away from all the worries and tensions of their life. Stress also causes huge adverse effect on your healthy and body such as eventual cancer, headache and many other health related issues. Thus, Its recommended that if you are suffering from sever stress them occasional online gambling can be a good option to resolve your stress level.

McGill University Study

Famous McGill University, which is in Montreal, Canada, has used a different aspect of online gambling for their research study. They have tried to study the relationship between online poker and a hormone known as cortisol. The main reason behind why they specifically focused on cortisol hormone was that, cortisol has a close and direct relation with stress as it causes high blood sugar and high blood pressure, which ultimately make you feel more anxiety.

McGill University researchers came up with the fact that while enjoying online poker; the cortisol level of gamblers reduces by almost 17 to 18 %, which ultimately reduces the feeling of stress in an individual. The reason behind the fall of cortisol level is that gamblers become so indulge in winning poker game that they forget about the stress and tension related to their work life or personal life.

Other then the McGill researchers also showed that by playing online poker the memory of the people are improved to a great extent and their cognitive brain functions also improved. Thus, the result of this research study was playing internet poker game= better mental health.

Eastern Carolina Study

Last is the research conducted by the Eastern Carolina University, here the researchers did not focused specifically on the online casino games but instead on the effect of playing any online video games. This university conducted study on 134 people for almost one year. This research was done by combining their Psychophysiology Lab and Biofeedback Clinic, the main intension behind this study was to study the affect of video gaming on resolving stress and anxiety of an individual.

After the study was over, Eastern Carolina researchers found out that video games proved helpful in reducing stress level of about 57% of the individuals included in the study. This concept had a moderate effect on the anxiety management. Other then this study also indicates that playing video games can change the overall mood of an individual.

Thus all the three studies indicates that playing online gambling or just games proved to be very helpful in managing your stress and also freshen ups your mood.